Monday, 18 March 2019

Week of March 18th

Welcome back!  We hope everyone had a wonderful March Break!  The children shared their adventures with us during our morning discussion.  There were many children who went to warmer places and had a blast!

Our letter of the week is "Hh" and our word of the week is "he".  We learned that there are more "shes" in the class than "hes".  The sk students are enjoying writing in their journals and are adding more detail and taking more risks in their writing.

The students visited the library this morning and will be bringing home a new book.  Please ensure that library books come back each week in their mailbags.  The sk students will also be bringing a new snuggle book home today.

With the warmer temperatures in our near future, please ensure that your child has a spare pair of socks, pants and underwear.

VIP Project - We are hoping to get a workplace selfie from all parents by the end of March.  Last year, we had a lot of the dads participate.  This year, we are hoping to get our moms involved too!  We are looking forward to showing the children your selfies and have them guess what you do at work!

Here are some pictures from today:

Monday, 4 March 2019

Week of March 4th

Today we had a blast learning about leprechauns and doing leprechaun dances!  The classroom has a lot of new green activities for the kids.  They had fun exploring the sensory table with coins, plastic shamrocks and green rice, creating with green playdoh as well as colouring pattered shamrocks.  The kids are hoping to get a special visit from a little leprechaun again this year!  Fingers crossed!  We will be making leprechaun traps on Wednesday so if you have any empty paper towel rolls or empty toilet paper rolls, feel free to send them in.

On Wednesday, we will be joining the whole school in the gym for our Lenten mass.  The students will be receiving ashes on their foreheads.  Today we spoke about Ash Wednesday and Lent.  We talked about giving prayers for people, alms giving as well as "fasting".  We also spoke about how we don't have to necessarily give up something - we can do something kind or caring instead of giving up a bad habit or giving up junk food etc.   

On Thursday, the Kindergarten students will be having an outdoor play day.  We will be outside for a longer period of time in the morning so please dress your child for the weather.  It is going to be a fun day for the children.

Our letters of the week are "sh" and our word of the week is "she". Check out the pictures below for awesome writing samples from the sk students.

In the afternoon, we read a story called "The Wonky Donkey".  If you have 6 minutes to spare, check out the music video on YouTube which was created for the story.  It is absolutely adorable and the kids LOVED it so much!  It is a catchy little tune too!  The students were inspired by the book and decided to make up their own versions of the story such as "The Wonky Kitty".

On Friday, we will be sending blankets home again for a wash. Please send them back on the Monday following the March Break.

Monday, 25 February 2019

Week of Feb 25th

Our letter of the week is "d" and our word of the week is "do".  The students loved singing our poem "Do You Like Broccoli" and finding all the 'do's in the poem. 

Last week we finally cut into our eggs and were amazed and grossed out at what came out of them.  Some friends were very disappointed that a baby chick never popped out!  The kids made amazing observations before cutting into the 2 eggs.  See the pictures below.  Many wanted to touch the hardened yoke and were very interested in looking at the eggs with the magnifying glasses. 

Today we worked on measurement and counting with dinosaurs and cubes.  The kids drew pictures of their dinosaur and added numbers and words to their work.  Their job was to measure and count how long their dinosaur was using cubes.

In the afternoon, we looked at 4 snowmen and wrote down what was different between them.  It was our version of a "Spot the Difference" activity.  The children were so good at finding everything and they seemed to really enjoy doing it.

Please ensure that your child continues to bring their winter gear (snow pants, hat, gloves) as we still go out for 30 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at lunch.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Week of Feb 19th

We hope you all had a lovely long weekend with your family.  It was an amazing weekend to be outside!

Due to the short week, we will not have a letter or word of the week.  Instead, we will review the words on our word wall and practice letter sounds.  The children are coming home today with a new library book and the sk students have a new snuggle book.

Last week the kids were so excited to bring home their love monsters filled with valentines from their classmates.  They all did a wonderful job decorating their boxes.  

We will continue to talk about ways we can be kind and caring to all.  I will be in Rm 138 tomorrow to read a good story about things that make us smile.  Stay tuned for pictures of the kids hard at work in the classroom.

This week we will wrap up our egg experiment and cut into the egg in vinegar.  It's going to be so exciting and gross all in one!!  Pictures to follow!


  • We are running low on kleenex in the classroom.  If you have a box to spare, we would be very grateful!
  • The blankets were sent home last Thursday for a wash. Please send them back with your child.  They like to snuggle with them during quiet time.

Monday, 11 February 2019

Week of Feb 11th

Our letter of the week is "L" and our word of the week is "love".  Ask your child to sing you our special love song! 

We went to the library today so the children will be bringing new library books home.  Mrs. Baker is very impressed with the children and how responsible they have been with bringing their books back each week.

This afternoon we read a book about loving ourselves.  The children loved listening to the story and writing and drawing about things they love about themselves.  They worked so hard on making their pictures colourful and detailed to look like themselves.

On Thursday, we will be celebrating Valentine's Day.  We will be making our love monsters and passing out our Valentine's cards.  We have 21 students in our class. Due to the severe allergies in our classroom, please do not send in any treats with your child.  If you plan on sending cards, please fill out the "from" portion only.  It makes it easier and quicker for the children to pass them out this way.

Your child will be coming home with their Communication of Learning (report card) on Thursday.  Please sign them and return the signed portion next week. We are so proud of everyone's progress so far!  There are no formal interviews this term but if you have any questions or concerns, please write a note in the communication book and we can arrange a meeting.

We are running low on Kleenex and markers in the classroom.  If you would like to donate either of these items, we would be very grateful!


  • If the buses are canceled tomorrow, pizza day will be on Wednesday.
  • Friday is a PD Day so there is no school for the children.  We will be sending home their blankets on Thursday for a wash.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Week of Feb 4th

Happy February!  This month we will be talking about and focusing on being kind to all.  February is Kindness Month and our school is handing out awards each week to students who are kind, caring, helpful etc.  Last week, Noah from our class received the award for love.  We were so happy and proud to hear his name being called over the announcements!

Our letter of the week is "e" and our word of the week is"me".  Please continue pointing these words and letters out at home.  The students will be bringing home a new library book tonight and the sk students will have a new snuggle book.  This is a great opportunity to practise these letters and words.

We talked about Groundhog Day today and watched the video of Wairton Willy.  Everyone was thrilled that Willy predicted an early spring..Yippee!!!!!  We talked about how nice it will be to not wear gloves, snow pants, mittens etc.

Our egg experiment is still going strong.  The students had great observations today.  Please see the pictures below.

Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, we are asking if you could send in your EMPTY Kleenex boxes for a special craft. Each child will need one empty kleenex box. Thank you in advance! If you are sending in Valentine’s cards, please have your child fill out the “from” portion only. It becomes too difficult and time consuming for the children to pass out cards that are individually addressed.  We have 21 students in our class this year.


Wednesday, Feb 6th - Walk to School Day

Friday, Feb. 8th- Sweater Day - wear a warm sweater to school.  The heat will be turned down a degree or 2 on this day

Friday, Feb. 8th - 100th Day of  School- To add fun to this day, the children are welcome to dress up like a 100 year old to celebrate the 100th day of school!

Monday, 28 January 2019

Week of Jan 28th

Last  week was an unreal week, weather wise! Hopefully tomorrow will not be as bad as they are calling for.  Even with the snow days, our learning continued!  We have been observing our egg experiment every other day and the kids seem to be very intrigued with what is happening to the eggs as well as the liquid levels.  We have had some really amazing predictions for kindergarten.  See the pictures below.

Our word of the week is "my" and our letter of the week is "y".  We learned a catchy song to remember how to spell the word "my".  Please ask your child to sing it for you!

If tomorrow is a snow day, pizza day will be the following day.  Fingers crossed that the weatherman is wrong on this one!

The children brought their new library books home today.  There were a few students who had to skip a turn picking a new book because they didn't return their old book.  Please ensure that the library books come back by Monday in order to get a new one.

Snuggle Folders:  We hope you are enjoying a bit of snuggle time with your child as they read.  The children were excited to get their new snuggle books today.


Friday, February 1st is the last day to order pizza for the next term.  No late orders will be accepted.