Friday, 14 September 2018

Second Week News

It has been an amazing second week!  The students have settled into the classroom nicely and are learning the rules and routines.  For the month of September, Mrs. T and I will be focusing on these rules and routines with the students.  We are lucky to have such a small group of children!!!

This week, the students were busy exploring the classroom and getting to know each other.  It is so nice to see the new friendships being made.  Our sk students have been eager to take on a leadership role and have been amazing with the new jk students in the classroom.


Twitter - If you are interested in signing up for Twitter, please send Mrs. T your twitter handle so she can add you to our classroom group.  Mrs. T posts pictures of the students and their work daily.

Blog: Our classroom blog is usually updated every Monday evening/ Tuesday morning. You can sign up on the home screen to get notifications when a new post is made.

Spare Clothing- Please ensure that your child has a spare set of clothing.  Accidents happen often in Kindergarten!  A spare set of clothing should include pants, a shirt, socks and underwear.  If your child has had an accident, we will ask them to change and put their soiled clothing in a bag.  The soiled clothing will be sent home that day.

We hope to see you all next Wednesday for our Program Night!

Here are some pictures from the week:

Friday, 7 September 2018

Welcome to Room 138!

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Welcome to Kindergarten at St. Gabriel Catholic School! We are eager to begin an exciting year full of many wonderful learning opportunities. As your child’s teachers, we aim to create an environment that is both supportive and challenging in order to facilitate learning and ignite the imagination.

1. Communication Book: Your child has been given a mailbag with their name on it. We will use this bag to send home any notes/communication. Please write notes for us in this book provided. For your child’s safety, always send written instructions about changes in your child’s routine (e.g. a different caregiver, or if you will be picking up your child etc.) in the Communication Book. Please check the Mailbag daily for information from school. If you leave a note, have the Communication Book open to that page so that it doesn’t get missed. 

2. Quiet time: Please send a small blanket/beach towel that can be left at school for quiet time. We ask that no stuffed animals or pillows be sent in.  Blankets/towels will be sent home to be washed on a regular basis.

3. Shoes and Clothing: A pair of no-slip, non-marking easy to get on sneakers (velcro or elastic closure) are requested to wear in the classroom and gym.  These shoes will remain at school as their“indoor shoes”.  It is also important that your child comes to school in clothes in which he or she can play.  Our classroom will be a busy one where paint, markers, sand, water and outdoor play is encouraged.  Please ensure that all articles of clothing and shoes are labeled.

4. Snacks: Your child will have two snack times as well as a lunch break.  Please send in 2 nutritious snacks as well as a lunchtime meal in labelled reusable containers. Our classroom is nut-free (peanuts and tree nuts) and sesame seed free due to severe allergies so please do not send any nut products in your child's lunch. If you send a snack with WOW butter, ensure that it is labeled with a note so we don't mistake it for peanut butter. 

5. Oops! Accidents!: Please send a change of clothes (including socks and underwear) to be kept on hand in case of spills or accidents. Label and place them in a plastic bag for storage. If an accident does occur, we will send home the dirty clothes in a ziplock. Please send back more clothing the next day.

6. Birthdays: We recognize birthdays in our classroom and celebrate each child’s special day. We ask that no treats are brought in. This is to avoid interaction with students that may have allergies. We have a tradition that has started where your child can bring in a birthday book to share with the class that day, which can be added to our classroom library. 

7. Family Photos: Our classroom has a family tree that students can look at to remind them of home. If possible, please send a family photo with your child. Write your child's name on the back of the photo. These will be returned to you at the end of the school year.

8. Donations: We are always in need of Kleenex and markers in the classroom. If you would like to donate any of these items, we would greatly appreciate it. 

9. The Blog: Please remember to check in often to get classroom updates and news. Sign up for notifications on the home page. (

We look forward to speaking with you over the next few weeks. We know that the year ahead will be an exciting one with plenty of learning, laughter and growth. 


Mrs. Rocco and Mrs. Talebi

Friday, 29 June 2018

Happy Summer!

Just a very quick and final post to wish all our amazing children and their families a most blessed, happy and relaxing summer vacation!  Best of luck to those moving onto St. Isabel or other schools - we will miss you.  Also, a note of appreciation from Mme Vida, Mrs. T and Mrs. Rocco for the kind and generous gifts and cards from so many of our families.  We feel very humbled by your kind words and love teaching your precious little ones!

Looking forward to a restful break and then seeing our returning children in September!

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Our 2017/18 Memories - Slideshow

Please find attached the link to a little keepsake from our year together.  It truly has been wonderful working with your children. We are so proud of each and every one of them! Wishing you all a safe and restful summer!

Week of June 25th

It is so hard to believe that we are in the last week of the 2017/18 school year.  It has been an amazing year.  On behalf of Mrs. T, Mme Vida and myself, I would like to thank you all for your support and partnership this year.  They say it takes a village to raise a child and boy do we ever have a great village raising these outstanding children that are our future!  We are so proud of each one of our students and are so happy with their growth this year.

This week has been emotional and bittersweet for Mrs. T and I.  We are so sad to see our children moving to St. Isabel or other schools next year but know that they will fit right in.  We are also sad to see our sk students move on to Grade One but are so excited for them to start their new journey. We are so happy to be keeping some of our jk students who will now be our sk leaders next year.  We can't wait to see them take the lead and show the new students the ropes.

This week has been jam packed with fun.  We had a great time guessing what our VIPs did for their job.  We have sent the chart paper home with your children so you can have a good chuckle reading what the students thought of you.  Thank you again for submitting your pictures and work descriptions.  It proved to be a very fun and successful activity.

On Monday, we met our pen pals from Guardian Angels School in Stittsville via Google Hangout.  Each child got to see and talk to their pen pal.  It was so cute to watch them interact with each other.  Next year we plan on doing it again!

On Wednesday, we will be having a PJ and Teddy Bear Day as well as a movie day.  In the afternoon, the students can purchase a popsicle for $2.  All funds raised will go to Christie Lake Kids.

Monday, 18 June 2018

Week of June 18th

We are all done our words and letters of the week but we will continue to do free writing and explore letters and sounds.  Please continue to do so at home as well.

On Friday, we will be walking to the splash pad.  If you have not sent in the permission form, please send it back by Tuesday.  Let's pray for sunny skies and warm temperatures!  A reminder note is coming home today.

The kids are having a blast with our VIP pictures and write ups.  They get so excited when they see their parent.  The students have had many great guesses as to what each parent does at work.  Take a look at the pictures below!

With the warm weather predicted for this week, please ensure that your child comes to school with a refillable water bottle, appropriate clothing and a sun hat.  We stay out for 40 minutes in the morning, 30 minutes at lunch and 20 minutes at the end of the day. 

You will notice that your child's mailbag is full of their artwork.  Please empty it daily so we can keep sending more art home!

Thursday, 14 June 2018

School BBQ is still on!


Just a reminder that today's school bbq is still on.  The inflatables will be in the gym for the kids to jump on.  Come join the fun!