Monday, 18 June 2018

Week of June 18th

We are all done our words and letters of the week but we will continue to do free writing and explore letters and sounds.  Please continue to do so at home as well.

On Friday, we will be walking to the splash pad.  If you have not sent in the permission form, please send it back by Tuesday.  Let's pray for sunny skies and warm temperatures!  A reminder note is coming home today.

The kids are having a blast with our VIP pictures and write ups.  They get so excited when they see their parent.  The students have had many great guesses as to what each parent does at work.  Take a look at the pictures below!

With the warm weather predicted for this week, please ensure that your child comes to school with a refillable water bottle, appropriate clothing and a sun hat.  We stay out for 40 minutes in the morning, 30 minutes at lunch and 20 minutes at the end of the day. 

You will notice that your child's mailbag is full of their artwork.  Please empty it daily so we can keep sending more art home!

Thursday, 14 June 2018

School BBQ is still on!


Just a reminder that today's school bbq is still on.  The inflatables will be in the gym for the kids to jump on.  Come join the fun!

Monday, 11 June 2018

Important Info for the Week of June 11th

These next few weeks seem to be packed with fun activities for the children so please be sure to check the blog often. 

This week we are focusing on a very important person in our life...our dad!  The word of the week is "dad".  We do not have a letter of the week.  Today during our Monday Morning Poem, we were so amazed at how many words the students could recognize/read.  It was a proud moment for sure!
Please continue to practise letter recognition as well as their associated sounds.

We also had fun turning "junk" into a musical instrument.  The students had a blast creating unique shakers and drums.  Our next step is to start making music!!  We will send the instruments home in a few days so you can listen to the music too!!!!

We received our pen pals notes from Guardian Angels School.  We will read them on Wednesday and make a class book to put in our book nook.

Important dates this week:

Tuesday - soccor clinic by Ottawa Gee Gees - dress with running shoes, shorts, tshirt

Thursday - Family BBQ Night starting at 5:00 pm

Friday-Jump Rope for Heart - running shoes a must. Be sure to send a water bottle and sunscreen t                                                     that day.  It's going to be a hot on.

Splash Pad Day - June 22nd - We appreciate all volunteers and are not turning away anyone! Please send back the permission forms as soon as possible.  A reminder will be sent home in the next few days.

Looking ahead to the summer, there will be presentations on bus safety offered by the board.  See the information below if you would like to register.

Bus Safety Presentations on August 26th

Monday, 4 June 2018

Week of June 4th

Welcome June!  Today we had a chance to get some fresh air despite the torrential down pour this afternoon.  With the dark skies, it made for an extra dark classroom during quiet time.  As a result, many students fell fast asleep!  It was very peaceful!!!

Our letter of the week is "f" and our word of the week is "of".  Please continue to work on letter recognition and sounds with your child.  It is greatly beneficial for them.

Today was our last time visiting the learning commons for the year.  Please ensure that the library books come back to school by next Monday as Mrs. Baker is trying to get everything in order to close up for the summer.


  • Friday, June 8th is a PD day.
  • Please ensure your child has spare clothing (shorts, underwear, t-shirt, socks)
  • Send in only cream sunscreens and not the spray type
  • Please send in the permission form for the splash pad outing on June 22nd
Here are some pictures from today:

Monday, 28 May 2018

Week of May 28th

Our letters of the week are "th" and our word of the week is "that".  The children discovered that our new word of the week has our last word of the week in it "at"!  The sk students wrote some amazing sentences using "that".

Please continue to point out our popcorn words during nightly reading with your child.  It is very beneficial especially for the sk students moving up to Grade One.

This week is going to be a warm one.  Please ensure that your child comes to school with water, a sun hat and cream sunscreen.

On Friday, Luv2Groove will be here teaching the students how to do hip hop dancing.  It is going to be so fun!  Stay tuned for pictures!

Today we put on our scientist hats and observed and explored marbles with real bugs inside.  The kids were very detailed with their observations and drawings.

If you have any flowers at home that have bloomed and are dying, feel free to send them into school instead of throwing them out.  We will use them in the classroom for exploration.  We painted pictures of lilacs today and they turned our so beautiful.  If you have a lilac bush, feel free to send in a bloom or leaves.  This always makes for a fun art tabletop activity!

Here are some pictures from today:

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Week of May 22nd

We hope you had a wonderful long weekend!  Today was a very exciting day because we released our butterflies to the world!  The students were naming them as they flew away and  were so excited to watch them fly.  This year we were lucky to have 6 butterflies as our temporary classroom pets!

There will be no letter or word of the week this week.  Please continue to practise letter recognition and sounds with your child.

On Wednesday, we will be hosting 13 delegates from China in our classroom.  They are interested in seeing how we teach our students in kindergarten.  They will be visiting many schools in Ottawa.  We are very excited to show them how we explore and learn in Room 138!

Last Thursday we had a perfect day for Outdoor Learning Day.  The students had a blast counting dandelions in hula hoops,  writing and drawing pictures using chalk on the sidewalk, drawing their favourite part of the story we listened to and filling up ten frames using nature (rocks, twigs, dandelions).  Please see below for pictures from this day.


  • Sunscreen:Unfortunately we are not allowed to apply sunscreen on the students.  If you could send them in with sunscreen already applied, that would be great.  If you send sunscreen in with your child, please ensure that it is NOT the spray kind.  This makes the floors very slippery and hazardous.  Creams only please.

  • Please send in a refillable water bottle.  Now that the weather is warming up, the kids are outside and get extra thirsty from running and playing in the heat.

  • If your child does not have spare clothing (shorts, underwear, socks and shirt) please send some in a labeled ziplock.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Week of May 14

What an amazing day we had today with our lovely moms! Thank you so much for spending your morning with us.  The kids were so happy to have you at their school.  The rest of the day was very peaceful and calm.  A big thank you to yogi Alda for sharing her amazing practice with us.  It was so beautiful to watch the bonds between mom and child.  A lot of great moments were captured in the pictures below.

Our word of the week is "at".  The sk students did a great job writing in their journals today.  We are seeing a lot of confident writers in Room 138. 

Thank you to all who volunteered for our field trip to the farm.  The weather was fantastic and we couldn't have asked for a better day to go to the farm.  The kids were exhausted when they got back to school which is a sign of a great day!


Please ensure that your child has spare clothes at school.  We have noticed that many students do not have spare clothing which makes it a bit difficult if they have an accident.  Also with the warmer weather, if you want to send in shorts for their spare clothing, we can send back the winter clothing.

Please ensure that your child comes to school with a sun hat/ball cap on the warm, sunny days. We will remind them to wear their hats outside.

Sunscreen:  If you send in sunscreen, please do not send in the spray type.  It gets on the floors making them very slippery and dangerous.  We are not allowed to apply sunscreen on your child but can remind them to apply it.

Here are some pictures from today as well as from our field trip to the farm: